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Natural Science Museum

Address: Ave. Cuba y calle 29 y 30, formerly the National Museum of Panama, “Teachers’ House”

Natural Science Museum This museum opened its doors on 1 st December 1975. It is located on the first floor of the building next to Ave. Cuba Calles 29 y 30, which housed the National Museum for more than three decades.

Research, collection, classification, conservation and exhibition of representative specimens of geology, palaeontology and the local and foreign animal life are amongst its main goals.

Likewise, the museum intends to disseminate matters relating to the value, significance, conservation and protection of the country’s natural resources, making an emphasis on endangered plant and animal species.

The museum has a small specialized room, a conference and temporary exhibition room as well as a taxidermy laboratory for preservation and conservation of biological material, all this has been possible thanks to the students’ will and collaboration.

The Museum has an attractive Vertebrates Room divided into four sections:

Mammals, Birds, Reptiles and Amphibious species. The Entomology and Sea Biology Room and the Foreign Animals Room contain specimens in a good state of preservation.

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